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Parade has been exactly [the answer to] what we were struggling with all along. We were struggling with those carrier relationships… That’s something that Parade… has absolutely changed for our company… The amount of repeat carriers that we’re using this year compared to last year… is mind-blowing.

Josh Brawley, COO at FWF

Kicking capacity challenges to the curb.

Fifth Wheel Freight (FWF) was hitting roadblocks in its quest to grow—an all-too-common speedbump for companies in the freight brokerage industry. They needed a way to automate and differentiate their system so they could keep pace with a shifting market and accelerate growth. By leveraging Parade with Descartes, FWF found a technology solution that saves time in the booking process, increases productivity, and helps build reliable carrier relationships.

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Strong partnership. Impressive results.


8x growth in carrier services department

Putting efficiency in high gear.

FWF has been a Descartes customer for more than six years—and bringing Parade into the mix has
enabled FWF to build greater efficiency and agility.


[Descartes] Aljex is best in class integrations layered in with AI and automation... with partners like Parade... When that user plugs in, he or she can be extremely productive in their role.

Dan Cicerchi, GM and VP of Transportation Management at Descartes


Underpinning all this is the rock-solid TMS that makes it easy to pipe the data back and forth. It enables us to really focus on solving capacity management when we’ve got this workhorse that can handle [FWF’s] entire business.

Lindsay Watt, VP of Product at Parade


Parade: More truckloads.
Less workload.

Harnessing a seamless integration with Descartes, Parade is the only capacity management platform that easily connects with brokerages while using AI to automatically learn carrier preferences.


Descartes: Speed and efficiency to lighten the load.

As far as Truck Management Systems (TMS) go, Descartes’ smart technology offers a competitive advantage for easily managing and reporting freight loads.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

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